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Increase the SEO of your Book and Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan that Draws in New Readers! 

Give Away Thousands of eBooks and Get Honest Reviews for Your Novel!

Sell! Sell! Sell!  

Increase Your Page Read Income on Amazon!

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What's the toughest challenge for any author today? 



Answer - 

Selling books and finding new readers. 


Obstacle - 

The biggest obstacle that authors face today is the fact that they simply don't know how to market their books. For the most part, authors have a small marketing budget and limited time to work on their book marketing campaign. Even if you have the greatest book in the world, without the right marketing strategy in place, your book simply won't sell.

It is frustrating to get wrapped up into marketing campaigns that don't have a good return on your investment. Our goal is to be the solution that drives sales to your book. 


Our Goal is Simple - Sell Books! Nothing More, Nothing Less.  

 At eBook Marketing Solutions, we look for certain qualities in a book before selecting to promote it which helps ensure the success of your book. Success for us is defined by reasonable expectations and not by some pie in the sky notion that you will be able to retire after one of our marketing campaigns. We keep things realistic with you and we strive to sell your books and get you new readers. We are a stepping stone to a much larger goal for you and your book(s). 


Selection Process

Before accepting new clients our team of marketing experts will put your book through a selection process. This is to insure the success of the campaign. Some of the things we analyze are:  


Number of Reviews

Books in a Series 

Number of Pages 

*Note: Before submitting a book for consideration please check out the FAQ section of the website for what we consider our sweet spot for maximizing success.  

What to expect from an eBook Marketing Service Promotion: 

Increased Organic Book Sales 

Best Seller Status on Amazon 

Generate Buzz  and New Reviews 

A Spike in Page Read Income Increase

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eBook Marketing Solutions, provides measurable results through sales, new readers, and reviews. We turn Authors into Bestsellers and guarantee our results.
eBook Marketing Solutions, provides measurable results through sales, new readers, and reviews. We turn Authors into Bestsellers and guarantee our results.


How We Achieve our Results.


Through a detailed marketing plan we will analyze the following perimeters for your book. We do this to maximize visibility, traffic and ultimately sales. 


Step 1

Study and provide you with a detailed report on the following: 




HTML Coding 

Book description

SEO on Book Title 

Target Date Selection for eBook Promotion.  

Author Central Review 

Without this initial step it doesn't matter what you do, your book won't sell. Through a tailored plan we will build the foundation for success. 

Step 2 

After strategically analyzing your book and the search engine viability SEO. We will then move on to the selection of your marketing platforms. 


Included in your investment is the purchase of seven + marketing platforms that will be selected and targeted to their email lists and designated reader base.


This will insure that the right reader and the right amount of traffic is set in place for the success of your promotion.  


In Conclusion 

We strive for one goal at eBook Marketing Solutions, that goal is defined by driven measurable results through sales, new readers, and traffic to great books. We do this through a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan that is centered specifically on organic growth for your book. If your book is selected we will target the perfect free day for your promotion and set the foundation for a profitable base that you as an author can build on. Click on the FAQ sheet for more specifics on what we do and how we do it, then select the best package that we know will fill your needs. Lets sell and become a Bestseller together!    

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