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You Simply Submit Your Book On Our Website

We check it and match it to readers of the same genre. 

Our large pool of readers will read it and promote it. 

How It Works.



1. Submit your book. Press the Submit Book button on the top right, and fill in the online form.

2. We receive your submission. Our editorial team will look through your book details. If your book is chosen, you'll receive confirmation and a payment request. If your book is not selected, we'll inform you within a few days, giving you suggestions of how else you could promote your book.

3. We analyze your book, looking for the best ways to promote it.  We will study your book as it is currently presented on popular sites such as Amazon. We look at its categories, selected keywords, and the other books it is competing against in the same genre.

We send your book to all of our selected subscribers. We recommend your book to certain readers based on their preferred genre, their Amazon ranking, and their ability to promote your book on other web sites and blogs. On the day of the promotion, our readers will buy your book on Amazon, and verify their purchase. 

We report back the results. We will monitor your book and give a graphical overview of how your Amazon Sales Rank has improved, and confirm your position in the Best Seller categories.




How Do We Promote Your Book? 

Our customers have particularly appreciated our ability to get our community of readers to purchase their books on the day of their book launch or promotion, and follow it up with many of their reviews published on sites such as Amazon (in the USA, UK, Australia) and other popular book reader sites such as Goodreads.

On top of this, we will analyze your book with others in the genre, and give your book the best possible exposure to a new group of possible readers looking for specific genres of books!

This is also ideal for book launches where you want to make an immediate impact. It could also be for an earlier publication that you simply want to jump-start back into life. A group of beta readers and subscribers will purchase your book in bulk. Better yet, because of the nature of our subscribers, you can expect a good number of them to promote your book with reviews they will publish on Amazon, their blogs, and other book reader sites.

We will aim to make your book a best seller on the agreed promotion date using our subscribers, and the knowledge we have of the Amazon algorithms.


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