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Editorial, Interview and PR Review Package 

Cost: $550.00 - $1,250.00 

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If you are tired of spending a ton of money on Editorial Review Companies that lead to no sales then look no further. Our Authors are being featured daily in the Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Digital Journal, Orlando Sentinel, Capital Gazette, Morning Call and so many more. 


Best of all if you don't get featured we will refund your investment. Each article will include a full interview, an editorial blurb to use on your Author Central Page and Buy link along with all associated photos and book covers. After a the interviews and blues are published and syndicated our team will upload them and revamp your Amazon Author Central Page to Maximize the visibility of you and your book. 

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01/19 - 01/23

Diana Forbes talks about her award winning book Mistress Suffragette

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Digital Journal


Dan 'Tito' Davis opens up about real-life memoir 'Gringo'

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01/19 - 01/23


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Review Packages 

5 - 10 Verified Reviews

Time Frame 30 Days

Cost: $150.00


15 - 25 Verified Reviews

Time Frame 30 Days

Cost: $250.00

25 - 35 Verified Reviews

Time Frame 30 - 45 Days

Cost: $350.00


50 - 75 Reviews 

45 - 60 Day 

Cost $450.00  

Facebook and BookBub Monthly Ad Campaign 

Price Range 150.00 - 250.00 

A monthly marketing plan should be in place after your first promotional campaign is launched in order to see continued growth in sales and increased readership. 


 Some authors want to maximize traffic to other published pieces or their website, which is what you'll get with this package. To meet that need, we have found ways to provide additional support to their and your books through Facebook and Bookbub.  


Through book-specific targeted ads, we will drive targeted book buyers to your book. These ads will run on a monthly basis and return on your investment will meet, if not exceed, your investment into this service. 


There is an a 90 day grace period before any

re-promotion, giving you more time to build your brand and optimize the marketing potential of your book.

NOTE: If a Book Bub and Facebook Social Media Campaign will be conducted at no additional cost if you purchase any of our marketing packages. 

Instagram Management 

In short we drive traffic to your Instagram Account 

We custom Taylor an approach to drive new Followers and Likes to your account. This is a 3 month program and at the end of 90 days we guarantee that you will have 10K + New Followers and up to 500 Likes Per Post Per Day. 

The 3 Month Instagram Management $450.00 

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